• Tanned Skin/Peeling – cause is sun exposure.
  • Redness – a red, splotchy chest can be caused by skin sensitivity to various skin conditions or environmental and lifestyle elements like sun exposure, spicy food, etc.
  • Nipple Hair– is very common among women.
  • Dark Spots – bra underwires, harsh fabrics and chemicals can cause skin friction and pigmentation.
  • Acne – caused due to sweating, dandruff, bra irritation, hair follicle clogging and dead skin cells.
  • Sagging/ Stretch Marks– occurs as we age and after pregnancy.
  • AgingSkin – caused because of loss of collagen and elastin production.

Treatment available are as follows:

  • Breast Lifting Radiofrequency Treatment
  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Breast Laser Rejuvenation
  • Medicated Cream/Lotion
  • Breacial/ Breast Facials
  • Breast Size Reduction Treatment.

Open Pores/ Surgical Scars/ Stretch Marks Treatement Results