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About Dr. Lata

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Dr.Lata Sharma started her career as a Gynaecologist after doing a medical degree course in 1984. She practiced as a Gynaecologist for 6 years. She worked as a Senior Resident in Jeevan hospital , Maharani Bagh, New Delhi.

Her passion for aesthetic  medicine  took her to various  research and  study  programs in that area in 1993. She decided to take up aesthetic medicine as her practice area and become a renowned skin therapist with the passing time. Today, she is a  preferred name in the market  for the treatment like laser ,Radio frequency, skin rejuvenation , collagen Modulation with different Modalities, Skin tightening & Fat reduction.

Dr. Lata Sharma
- Laser Cosmetologist & Lipologist
- Master in
- Dip. in Gynae & obs. ( Missauri )
- Dip. in Skin Therapy ( Scarborogh Canada)
- Dip. in Chemical Peel (Israel)
- Dip. Basic & Adv. Laser technology (Florence, Italy)

She excelled in several International  advanced  Aesthetic and cosmetic medicine and treatment courses in  Canada , Italy ,Singapore and Israel.  She did skin therapy from Scarbrough, Canada. She received a gold medal in Diploma of  Aesthetic  Medicine from VIP  institute of Turin, Italy in the year  1995.

She recieved   Bharat Gaurav Samman for her quality  service in the year  2005. She received another award  of  Rajdhani  Gaurav in 2007. She also received  Brands  Academy Award in 2011 at crown plaza in New Delhi.  And recently got 1st national award for most creative use of medical aesthetic techonolgy in 2017.

She is known in the industry  for her innovative and techno-pro-style of  working. She was the  first to introduce in India, VIP Technology for weight reduction and spot reduction in the year 1995 and laser hair removal treatment with N-D-Yag Laser in the year 1999.

In her 30 years of practice, Dr.Lata Sharma got recognition from many corners, not only for her innovative ways and effective treatments   but also for the quality work and professionalism. But she seeks  pride in the satisfaction of her patients .

She is the second person in India to introduce  and work on Venus legacy. Her clinic in Rajouri  Garden is one of  the  Signature Venus Clinics, with an aim to promote the painless and comfortable treatments to the Indian market, using the  world safest and latest technology of Venus Concept. Venus Concept operates with a complete product line namely, Venus Legacy, Venus Freeze, Venus Viva & Venus Versa.

Some of the most preferred indications treated with venus  treatments are as follow:

Venus Versa–  Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvination, Frekles Revision, Fine Lines Revision.

Venus Viva –  Acne and Acne Scar Revision, Stretch Marks Revision, Wrinkles Reduction, Melasma (Pigmentation) Reduction, surgical mark revision, correct textural irregularities.

Venus Freeze – Age Prevention and Anti Ageing, Face Aesthetics, Brow Toning and Skin Tightening, Features Enhancements, Body Sculpting,

Venus Legacy–  Anti Cellulite treatments, Fat Reduction Treatments, Non Invasive Face Lifts and Skin texture corrections. some of the most preferred indications treated with venus treatments.

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