Acne (acne vulgaris within the medical community), is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. The majority of Indians have suffered from acne at one point or another.

Acne can grow almost everywhere, but the more common spots for breakouts are the face (particularly the cheeks and forehead), back, chest, and shoulders. It can be improved with over-the-counter treatments, but more severe forms of the condition would require medical intervention.

There are several types of Blackheads –Cysts –Nobules –Papules –Pustules –Whiteheads.

Most types of acne can be reduced in appearance and/or removed by the use of over-the-counter products or those prescribed by a doctor. We can also utilize other types of treatments to clear the acne and even clear or prevent scarring.

Treatment available to treat Acne are:

  1. Laser treatment
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Carbon peel
  4. Topical treatment/ medications
  5. Black peel
  6. Q-switch laser for blackheads

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